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Headlights: Always a Bright Idea

Headlights. Every car has them for nearly the last one hundred years. There are many opportunities when you should have your headlights on while driving, even in the middle of the day. Laws regarding headlight use vary from state to state, so be sure to check with your states department of transportation for specific rules, but here are a few general guidelines and opportunities for when you should turn them on not only for your safety, but the safety of everyone on the road.


Active work zones

Every year, there are more and more fatalities being reported from crashes occurring in active work zones. The lacking of a shoulder on the road, the number of lanes being reduced, and the sudden reduction in speeds all contribute to this. By turning on your headlights, you make your car more visible to other drivers and to those working in the work zone, making everyone a little bit safer.

Wipers on, headlights on

Many states already have laws requiring you to turn your headlights on during inclement weather, but not all. As a general rule of thumb, any time your windshield wipers are turned on, turn on your headlights.

Low Visibility

Whether it is fog, rain, or just a hazy day, any time visibility drops below 500 feet you should definitely turn on your headlights. It isn't just about helping you see the road, it is about other cars being able to see you better too!

School Zones

Just like active work zones, school zones often have high pedestrian traffic, and sudden reduced speeds. Be sure to turn on your headlights so everyone can get to school safely.


In nearly all states, headlights should always be turned on within 1/2 hour after the sun sets and must be used until 1/2 hour before the sun rises. And don't forget to double check that your headlights are before you leave a well lit parking lot at night!


In any situation, headlights make the road ahead more visible, and your vehicle more visible to other drivers, making the roads safer for everyone.

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